• China Haining Hengxing Plastic Industry CO.,LTD certification
    Standard: CE
    Number: IT505MY31051803
    Issue Date: 2018-05-31
    Expiry Date: 2023-05-30
  • China Haining Hengxing Plastic Industry CO.,LTD certification
    Standard: ISO9001
    Number: 1218Q20731R03
    Issue Date: 2018-07-18
    Expiry Date: 2021-07-17
QC Profile

1. Appearance & Quality Requirements

Defects Items Standard
Defects, fissures, wrinkles, holes Not allowed
(a)Offset printing, delamination, peeling Not allowed
(b)Spots, bubbles, scratches, discoloration etc. Not obviously

(a) is suitable for heterogeneous floor

(b) can be agreed according to the contract between the supplier and the buyer

Item Superior product Qualified product
Frosting mark and water mark Not allowed ≥ 3% the area of the board
Scratches Not allowed
Press mark Not allowed
Previous spots of impregnated paper Not allowed
Gloss unevenness Not allowed ≥ 3% the area of the board
Spots,dirt and similar surface defects Not allowed ≤ 10mm², 每米长允许一个allowable 1pc/m
Blister Not allowed
Bubble Not allowed
Tearing of impregnated paper Not allowed
Bare substrate spots due to defective surface covering Not allowed
Fissure on the surface Not allowed
Delamination Not allowed
Tongue and corner deformity Not allowed
2. Size And Deviation
Length ≤ 0.1% of length
Width ≤ 0.2mm, the difference between the maximum and minimum values ≤0.1 mm
mm +0.13mm to -0.10mm,(maximum variation)≤0.1mm
Straight Angle qmax≤0.20mm
straightness smax≤0.20mm
Height difference average value ≤ 0.10mm, Hmax ≤ 0.15mm
Gap average value≤ 0.07 mm, Gmax ≤0.1 mm
Model of click should be the same as the confirmed steel model

3. Physical And Chemical Performance Requirements

Gloss matte (3~10)±2°
semi-matte (15~25)±2°
glossy 25以上(more than 25)±2°
Tensile Strenght 5cm/120N: 4.0mm≥100N 5.0mm≥120N
Ply Adhesion 60N/5cm
Curl after 6hrs at 80℃ Laboratory Oven for 6hrs&80℃ then measure with a Vernier: ≤1mm
Dimensional Stability Laboratory Oven for 6hrs&80℃ then measure with a Vernier:≤0.1%
Dimensional changes after heating WPC 65℃≤0.2%,SPC 80℃≤0.1%
abrasion resistance ≥0.015g/1000转(r)
Abrasion resistance Paint film scriber ≥4B
Surface scratch resistance Surface decorative pattern is not scratched under 4.0N's force.
Indentation ≤0.05mm
Formaldehyde release No Formaldehyde
Bibulous rate ≤3%
4. Packing

Product Mark

Before the products are stored, they should be tagged in proper parts with their product models, trademarks, production dates, etc.


Packing Mark

The standard codes , factory name, address, product name, production date, trademarks, specifications, formaldehyde release sign, type, grade, quantity, etc.



A product shall be packed based on its category, specification and grade. The enterprises shall provide detailed instruction books and manuals according to the characteristics of a product. The package shall protect products from being hit,scratched or stained. Packing requirements shall only be settled after negotiation between two parties.